Most Recent Clients

Website - Andi Dopico

Andrea Dopico Cafarelli, a Forbes 30 under 30 pastry chef in The Arts category, needed a website to merchandise her book, showcase her creations as well as to publish information from all her public speaking appearances. Check out the beautiful website we created for her.

Ebooks - ADC Shop

For this talented chef, we designed a series of beautiful ebooks that would capture her most popular recipes in both Spanish and English. In addition to that, we created a shop page on her website and stunning images to merchandise her ebooks. Take a look at this exciting project.

Ebooks - Ester Roelas

Ester needed a way to automate the process of selling and distributing her ebooks. Before working with us, she had to manually send a file every time someone made a purchase of an ebook. We have now automated this process and added an ecommerce section to her website to improve the flow.


Online Courses - Ester Roelas

We are helping the talented Pastry Chef Ester Roelas to create an e-learning platform through which she will be able to launch different online courses aimed at people from all levels who are passionate about learning how to bake delicious cakes, sweets and pastries. Her first course “I Love Pastry” was sold out within 24 hours!



Website - Carlos Ballesteros

This talented sculptor has made a fantastic collection of more than 50 pieces of art using materials such as wood and clay. His creations are unique and beautiful, and have a distinct signature characterized by the use of waves and dynamism. We are working on creating a website for him to showcase his immense talent behind every piece.



Carlos is a Sports Journalist who is passionate about Football. He is the editor of the show Viva La Liga for the LaLigaTV International channel and writes regular articles and interviews for Venezuelan Sports Channel Meridiano. We are building a website for Carlos that will allow him to start a podcast channel and publish football related articles and videos created by him.


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